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Eldon & Stefani
It was a bit of a long road that brought us to adoption. Since we made the decision to build our family through adoption, everything has clicked and fallen into place. We believe that Parent Profiles played a big part in that. Within the first week, we were contacted several times. While none of those original contacts evolved into an adoption, it still brought us hope that people were looking for more ...

Reasons to Join is a unique environment created for birthmothers and hopeful adoptive parents to find each other, establish relationships, and create adoption situations that meet the needs of everyone. Some of the benefits of this site are:
  1. Maximizing Visibility and Exposure - Parent Profiles, a service of Elevati, LLC is promoted by a collection of the most popular adoption websites on the web such as,, and 123Adoption. These sites are seen by millions of users who are interested in adoptions. This is one reason has helped more adopting parents find the child of their dreams than any other independent online service.
  2. Birthparent Accessibility - For birthparents facing unplanned pregnancies and considering adoption, offers them the ability to read hundreds of profiles and find the right parent for their baby. They have the ability to contact potential adoptive parents and bond with the adoptive parents from the privacy of their home, work, or school 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  3. Cost Effective - The value of posting a profile on is exceptional when compared to other means of marketing/advertising which are often costly and ineffective.
  4. Removal of Geographic Boundaries - Because the internet has no state or local boundaries we can provide national exposure for the adoptive parents.
  5. Interactive Profiles - allows birthparents to view your profile with interactive features such as a slide show, audio recordings, journal, and photo album. A hard copy profile could never convey as much about you to birthparents as these interactive profiles allow.
  6. Networking Tool - The online Networking Tool gives you the opportunity to enlist the help of family and friends through the use of e-mail to make your decision to adopt known to a larger number of people. This increases the potential of your opportunity of referrals and contacts by birthmothers.
  7. Helpful Adoption Information - Based on years of experience in the field of adoption marketing, Elevati has developed informational materials to help couples like yourselves maximize your opportunities for adoption.
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