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1. Scott & Marni

Our birthmother found us on Parent Profiles, and we are adopting baby girl in April 2015! ... more

2. Brent, Kim & Axel

We went live on Parent Profiles and less than 3 weeks later we were contacted by our Birth mother, exactly 2 months later he was in our forever home and this has been the best year! I have heard so ... more

3. Kyle & Angie

We were on the website for eight months. While this seemed like forever to us, we are told this is fairly quickly in the adoption world. The website helped get our name and story out there in a world where ... more

4. Eric & Kim

We previously adopted two amazing girls through the traditiona method of a adoption agency and were absolutely thrilled with the service that was provided and of course, our two girls. This time around we decided to do our own ... more

5. Adam & Victoria

We started our adoption process in November 2013. Our parent profile went live on January 28th 2013 and our son was born April 30th 2014. We were able do be in the delivery room and our birthmother was and is ... more

6. David & Julie

After 12 months on Parent Profiles we met our birth mother through the site. Things happened quickly...just four days from initial contact until we were holding our new baby girl. Be patient and don't get discouraged with the ... more

7. Christopher & Tish

We used parent profiles both times we were adopting and both times we ended up getting our two beautiful children not from parent profiles but through other outside agencies but this site was AWESOME!!!! We had a lot of contacts ... more

8. Matt & Dana

We love Parent Profiles! We had been looking for a way to increase our finding efforts, and hopefully speed up the waiting part of adoption without breaking the bank. Parent Profiles was the perfect solution for us. And, ... more

9. Trent & Jessica

We were very happy with our choice to use Parent Profiles. Our profile has been active for 9 months, and we are on our way home now with our baby boy. We were contacted by our birthmother after having an ... more

10. Charles & Jackie

Our Adoption Story

We began our journey in 2011 to become a foster family with the option to adopt. After going through the process, we decided foster care was not the route we wanted to take to make our ... more

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