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Doug & Heather
We are so thankful for! We waited for 2 1/2 years by using an adoption attorney and an agency with not much results. We were on for just 6 months and found our birthparents. There were ups and downs through the process. But in the end, we connected with the best birthparents for us! We loved the exposure and the contact we were able to have with the more ...


The profile listing services provided on the website have been featured many times in media stories throughout the country. We have also assisted media organizations in the production of adoption stories and programs that have appeared on ABC, MSNBC, CNN Headline News, the Hallmark Channel, Fox News, USA Today and Parents Magazine.

If you are a media representative, we would be eager to assist you in creating a story or program dealing with adoption. Our qualified staff can assist in putting together compelling and relevant stories from a variety of real life sources. We also have access to the resources that make it possible for us to provide research assistance on specific adoption topics.

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