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Terri & Lyle
We Have Adopted All Three of Our Children Through We Have Adopted All Three of Our Children Through Believe it or not, we have adopted all three of our children through contacts that we have obtained from the website.  Our oldest son, Justin came to us about 1 1/2 years ago.  Our next son, Jakob was just born Oct 5th.   He also came from the website.  Now we more ...

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Agencies and Social Workers working with birthmothers can use to help clients view information on hundreds of hopeful adoptive couples. Birthmothers are empowered to search, contact, and select prospective parents for their children.

Working With Hopeful Adoptive Couples
Agencies and attorneys can help their clients find birthmother matches through Your clients receive discounts when they post their profiles with us through you. Please contact us for information. is the Internet's most effective independent registry of hopeful adopting parents. Parent Profiles, a service of Elevati, LLC, has contracted with,, and, which comprise the Internet's largest network of adoption-related websites, to be their exclusive provider of parent profile services.

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