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Birthmother Success Stories

Below are success stories of birthparents who have found their adoptive family through our site.

If you are a birthparent who found an adoptive family for your child through, we would LOVE to hear it! Please e-mail the story to .

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1. My Birthmother Story

I was a 23 year old single mother of a 2-year-old chronically ill child when I found out that I was pregnant. I knew with in weeks that I wanted to place my son for adoption. I went to 3 ... more

2. A Story of Hope

I was 15 years old when I got pregnant, and had no idea what to do until the idea of adoption was brought to me, I was very uneasy about the idea at first but then I decided to look ... more

3. Adoption: Right Choice

Imagine my son's delivery room. He has just been born, and our family is huddled together with the love and warmth and security that only a mother and father can provide.

Too bad it didn't happen this way.

I wasn't there. I ... more

4. Emotions and the Process as a Birth Mother

I feel nervous about sending this message out. Today is a big day for me ... I've signed papers for the adoption order. If someone would have asked me where I thought I'd be a year ago I'd be shocked ... more

5. Betsy

I found out that I was pregnant and my first instinct was adoption. I truly believe that babies should be celebrated, sadly I wasn't. With so many people dreaming about having a child, I couldn't even consider keeping my baby. ... more

6. My birthmother sucess story

I just wanted you to know that your website is fantastic. It helped us find the right parents for our amzing little boy. Here is our story.

When my boyfriend and I found out that I was pregnant, we didn't ... more

7. The Best Gift

My girlfriend and I are proud parents of a beautiful 2 year old girl. When we found out she was pregnant again we knew we couldnt take care of another child. We found a couple on parent profiles about 5 ... more

8. No Regrets

I had just turned 18 and already had a handsome 2 year old son when I found out I was pregnant again. For 5 months I thought I was going to keep the baby until it hit me that I ... more

9. One of the Hardest things in life to do

Like majority of the birth moms placing your child is a very hard and long process to deal with but it is also a blessing that web site is available too us. I am a 28 year old with ... more

10. The Miracle of Adoption

I cant believe how perfectly everything has fallen into place. I am 24, and just landed my dream job in the field I graduated in. I have never pictured myself with children, and my doctor had told me ... more

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