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Bryan & Kelly
We are happy to FINALLY announce we have a new addition to our family! Thanks to, our son was born on October 5, 2006. We began the adoption process in April of 2004 and what a roller coaster ride that has been! We decided to join in January 2006 and we were very pleased with the results as our birthparents located us in May. They are a wonderful family that have more ...

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Pregnancy Symptoms

Early Symptoms of Pregnancy May be Misleading

Pregnancy symptoms may be misleading, as with many other conditions. Often body changes may be a result of different causes. Some good and others not so good. The good news about pregnancy symptoms is that if you're not pregnant, your symptoms are probably not life-threatening anyway. And when you are in the doldrums of morning sickness, remember it's worth it!

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We are a family of 3 eager to grow our family again with an open adoption! We adopted our son 2 years ago and he can't wait to be the protective big brother! We admire your strength and courage for considering adoption.

Let's go through some of the pregnancy symptoms you may be experiencing:

The cessation of menstruation is usually a sign of pregnancy, but often women will skip periods if they are under stress or ill. Anorexics often don't menstruate. If you miss a period more than once and do not know why, you must see your doctor. If you are pregnant, you're missing your periods because your body is secreting more estrogen and progesterone hormones, which cause both ovulation and menstruation to cease.
Increased breast size and / or tender breasts are a symptom of pregnancy, but in some cases, a woman's body may change when she is under stress or even when she is ovulating. Breast changes may be a sign of breast cancer, but tender breasts rarely indicates anything serious. It goes without saying that regular breast check-ups, at home or by your doctor, are imperative to guard against breast cancer. Breast cancer caught in the early stages is usually treatable.
Morning sickness this is often a pregnancy symptom. Usually women experience morning sickness pregnancy symptoms around the sixth week for two or three months. If you're not pregnant, you may have a stomach bug or even be experiencing a phantom pregnancy. Pregnancy symptoms of any kind are a natural consequence of the body changes and a signal to visit the doctor.
An increased need to urinate and / or heartburn are caused by the growing womb pressing against other organs. If you are urinating frequently, you may have diabetes or are just too fond of fizzy drinks. Any abnormal pains or discomfort should always be checked out by a doctor, whether they are pregnancy symptoms or not.
Craving for a particular often unusual type of food. This is often a sign that the body requires something, e.g., iron or a certain vitamin. It is a common symptom of pregnancy, but does not indicate you are definitely pregnant.
Swelling abdomen During early pregnancy there is little change to the shape of a woman's abdomen so if you know you aren't pregnant but have a swelling abdomen (and aren't just eating too much!) this is probably a sign there is something wrong.
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