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After much difficulty and craziness, our adoption has succeeded!!!! We wrote a poem about Katie's story:
"She was loved even before the moment of her birth, She was wished for upon every star above the earth, She was protected before she developed her own voice, We prayed for her arrival; this child of our choice. Unexpected obstacles strengthened our resolve, Around the need to bring her home our world seemed to revolve, On planes, trains, more ...

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Stillbirth - When Your Baby is Born Sleeping

Stillbirth is a word that is still whispered. The thought crosses the mind of every pregnant woman at one point or another during her pregnancy. The good news is, with good prenatal care your chances of having a stillbirth is actually quite low.

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We wanted to start off by first simply saying thank you thank you for making the decision that you did, thank you for your time spent reading our profile and thank you for your help in helping to complete our family!

Many people get stillbirth and miscarriage confused. If a pregnancy is lost before 20 weeks, the loss is referred to as a miscarriage, after 20 weeks it is a stillbirth.

The reasons for stillbirth vary, in many cases it came suddenly in a trouble free pregnancy and in other cases the mother suspected something was amiss or just had a troubling feeling. Stillbirth can be caused due to a severely knotted and twisted umbilical cord that cuts the baby off from life sustaining nutrients and oxygen, the umbilical cord wrapping severely around the baby's neck is another cause of stillbirth. These two ways are virtually undetectable as the cord is nearly invisible and difficult to see on an ultrasound. Other reasons are trauma, severe illness, and for over 75% of stillbirths in the United States, there is no explanation for the occurrence.

Most hospitals will allow the parents to hold their sleeping angels and nearly all hospitals will create a little memento package of your child that includes footprints, fingernails, and a hair snippet with a little ribbon tied around it. This may seem odd or even morbid, but it is a very important part of the grieving process to acknowledge although brief, there was a life here.

Many couple choose to try to have another baby after a stillbirth. Interestingly, the rule of thumb once was for couples to wait 1 year before having another child. Now, studies show that if a couple is pregnant within 6 months of the stillbirth, there is a better than normal rate of carrying the baby full term and having an absolutely normal birth.

Stillbirth is a sad occurrence to be sure, but after the loss, most couples find the strength to bring a new life into their lives and thanks to strides in medical science and better prenatal care than has ever been available before, most couples are successful in bringing a beautiful healthy baby into their lives.

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