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MT & Rob
Parent Profiles helped make our dreams a reality. We just wanted to let you know that we have adopted a baby girl. Our Profile went up on the website on August 29. Birthparents contacted us in September. Our beautiful daughter was born on January 23rd. Parent Profiles helped make our dreams a reality. We will want to start our 2nd search in 6-9 month. Thank you for your more ...

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First Signs of Pregnancy

The Subtle First Signs of Pregnancy

You might be pregnant, but you're not sure. Getting a definite answer could be more complicated than you'd expect. Many of the first signs of pregnancy can have other causes, and many women will have only one or two. But there are some signs that can give you a good idea that you are, indeed, pregnant.

The very first signs of pregnancy are changes in your body that you will notice yourself. The classic missed period is the sign most frequently associated with pregnancy. In most women this will last through the entire nine months. However, there can be other reasons for a missed period, including fatigue, stress, and illness. For women with irregular cycles, it can be difficult to know if a period has been missed or not. And there are some women who will continue to have periods throughout the pregnancy, though usually they are lighter and last for only the first month or two.

Tingling, tender or swollen breasts can appear as soon as a few days after conception. This can also be caused by birth control pills or PMS. But when combined with other of the first signs of pregnancy, breast changes can be a strong indicator of conception.

Morning sickness - which can actually happen at any time of day - is another of the first signs of pregnancy. It usually makes an appearance two to eight weeks after conception. Again, there are other possible causes, such as food poisoning, illness, or infection, so tummy troubles alone are not definite proof.

Frequent urination usually kicks in around six to eight weeks after conception, but may show up sooner. If you're running to the ladies room more than usual it could be one of the first signs of pregnancy - or it could be caused by a urinary tract infection, diuretics, tension, or diabetes.

None of these first signs of pregnancy is enough to make a positive diagnosis. In fact, the first undeniable proof of conception is hearing a fetal heartbeat at ten to twenty weeks. But together, skipped periods, breast changes, frequent urination, and morning sickness can be a strong indicator that you are, indeed, pregnant.

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