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Early Signs of Pregnancy

What are the Early Signs of Pregnancy?

There is some disagreement about when conception occurs - some argue it is immediately the egg is fertilized; others say it is after the egg travels along the Fallopian tube and is implanted in the womb post fertilization. Either way you won't know for sure that you are pregnant until your body starts exhibiting the early signs of pregnancy.

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The early signs of pregnancy include:

The end of menstruation - it is not abnormal for women to continue menstruating for a month immediately after conception but it is rare. Also remember that menstruation may cease for reasons other than pregnancy. The secretion of estrogen and progesterone hormones is what causes both ovulation and menstruation to cease.
Increased breast size and / or tender breasts. Another early sign of pregnancy is when the area around a woman's nipples darkens.
Morning sickness - this early sign of pregnancy usually starts around the sixth week for two or three months, but in rare cases, and not abnormally, morning sickness may start earlier and persist longer. Some women don't experience morning sickness or may experience evening sickness. The Old Wives' Network has it that evening sickness indicates the baby is a born, but there's no proof of this.
An increased need to urinate - this is caused by the growing womb pressing against the bladder.
Craving for a particular, often unusual, type of food. This is usually an early sign of pregnancy and a signal that the mother's changing body requires more iron or a particular vitamin. It is important that the new mother lets her doctor know as much as she can about her pregnancy; she may, for instance, need extra iron.
Heartburn or indigestion - caused by a swelling of the abdomen and pressure against the gullet.

Early signs of pregnancy do not usually include much change in the shape of the new mother's tummy, giving her plenty of time to shop for new clothes!

All these early signs of pregnancy are perfectly normal. But remember, none of these early signs of pregnancy definitely indicates pregnancy and may be caused by any number of other disorders. When you think you may be pregnant, the first thing you need to do is have a pregnancy test and let your doctor know what early signs of pregnancy you have been experiencing.

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