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Sean & Danielle
After a great deal of research, we decided to try to match independent of an agency with this adoption. We posted our profile in mid-September, and received several contacts from expectant mothers over the next few months. Two of those contacts wound up being scams, and while it was disappointing each time, we knew to expect that to happen at some point. In mid November, we received an e-mail from a young more ...

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Unplanned Pregnancy

What to Do About an Unplanned Pregnancy

You're in the middle of college, and you're pregnant. Or you're in the military. Or you are the victim of rape. Or the pregnancy was from a just-broken relationship. There are dozens of reasons a woman may find herself contemplating what to do about an unplanned pregnancy. And with any pregnancy, there are three choices: parenting the baby, placing it for adoption, or abortion.

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We were blessed with the adoption of our son in 2012. We are now looking to add to our family again. We promise to give your child all the love and care they will ever need. He or she has loving parents and a great big brother already waiting for them!

The first thing to remember is that it may not be so bad to have an unexpected baby. There are some government programs in place to help women who find themselves unwed mothers. Also your family and significant other may not be so unhappy about your unplanned pregnancy as you expect them to be. Be honest with everyone around you, and accept with gratitude any help they offer.

The second thing to remember is that the choice about what to do with an unplanned pregnancy is, by law, yours. The government cannot pay for an abortion, but it is your right to have one if you want one, at least within the first three months of your pregnancy. There are hundreds of thousands of loving homes that would be happy to take your unplanned baby as an adoptee. And if you choose to have your baby, though this is a difficult path to choose, it is not a road without rewards.

Even though you may be in shock after finding out about your unplanned pregnancy, you need to move as quickly as you can toward making your decision; this is because both prenatal care and abortions should be taken care of as quickly as possible. You can find confidential help for this decision in several places. The traditional place is Planned Parenthood; this hundred-year-old organization can give you unbiased, non-judgmental advice about and assistance toward what you need to do for your pregnancy, and they can help you to prevent any future ones.

If you're a student at a public or private university, your university medical office can also give you advice and help you find an unbiased counselor to help make your decision. (You should also remember if you're a college student that an unplanned pregnancy is not the end of your college career, though if you keep your baby it will almost certainly make your life more difficult.)

You should not forget your family. Though you may think that an unplanned pregnancy will disappoint or distress your family, they are the people who love you, and will probably be there to help you with whatever decision you make. Unless there's a very good reason not to, your family is the best source of advice and help you are likely to find.

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