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TROY & BAMBI are hopeful adoptive parents from Oregon waiting to adopt a baby.

If you are pregnant and considering placing your child for adoption, please read the following Dear Birthmother Letter.

ALOHA We are so happy to be able to adopt again and it is with joy that we write this letter to you. Oh how we love you and know the gift you are giving. We know that it comes with great sacrifice, heartache, and love on your part and with careful consideration and effort put into this decision. Know that adoption has had a part of our familys life since our first date and it will be a part of our lives forever. It is not something we take lightly and it has a significant intricate part in the lives of our entire family. We have been blessed to adopt three wonderful children. Each of their stories are unique and their lives are so valued. Each child is a precious gift. We are blessed with our amazing birthparents. We love them so dearly and could not feel any more close to them then if they were part of our family. The bond we share in some aspect feels closer then that of extended family. Our lives would not be complete without them. They gave us something we could not give ourselves and at the same time we gave them what they could not do at the time. This exchange of love and adoption is the most powerful expression of love we have ever experienced on this earth. It is our most cherished gift. We hope to find one last connection with someone who knows in their heart that we are the right family for their precious little child. We have a beautiful multicultural family. We love them so much and we cherish each member and the unique spirit and joy they bring to our home. We feel our family is similar to a beautiful rainbow. Each member of our family represents one of the different colors. When it was just the two of us there was not much color in our lives, but as each member has joined our family through adoption the richness and beauty has increased and created something gorgeous and unique that glows with beauty. To get rainbows there are usually storms to weather but after the rain the sun shines through. Adoption is the light that made our rainbows bright and full of color. You are the light that shines through the rain creating a miraculous miracle. Only by stepping back can it fully be enjoyed and its full beauty appreciated.
OUR MOOLELO (story) Our lives together all began when Bambis Aunt worked with Troy and suggested setting the two of us up on a date. Bambi waited patiently for the call but none came. After several months she decided that she should take matters into her own hands and planned to go meet Troy. She went to the store where he worked, introduced herself, talked for a few moments and then she left. After that meeting, he quickly called and set up their first date (he felt bad he didnt call earlier because she was so cute)! There was something special about our first date and an immediate spark was lit. It was during this date and conversations that Troy had a impression that we would be adopting. It was a strange thought to have on a first date when just getting to know someone. But as fate would have it this was more then just a chance meeting. A short month later we got engaged and a couple months after that we were married. When it it right you just know and we definitely had that confirmation and it is the best choice we have made.

It was early in our marriage we learned that we both had problems that would make it difficult to have children, but we felt we needed to learn all we could and try all that could be done to start our family. After four years of trying all kinds of infertility procedures we decided that adoption was the right choice for us. Bambi felt strongly that this was the right path and Troy had a flood of emotions remembering the impression he had had years before on their first date. Adoption was definitely the right path for us, but it was also a long journey. We experienced many losses along the way, but they taught us and helped us grow. At the perfect time we were blessed when our so. Kimballs birthmother contacted us. What a strong and amazing woman she is. We talked and got to know each other easily and there was a definite connection between us. We were lucky to have time to get to know her and grew close very quickly. We were also lucky to be able to spend some time before and after his birth with her and her family. That time is very cherished by both of us.

The same day that Kimballs birthmother contacted us we were also contacted by Harmonys birthmother, although we didnt know at the time we would also be adopting her a couple months after Kimball. We think back on her letter and there was always something special about it that we couldnt get out of our minds. It was the only letter we received from her until a week before Harmonys birth. What a wonderful surprise it was to get her second letter. We werent sure if we could adopt another baby, but we asked her if she knew that we were the right family for her daughter and if she was ok that we had adopted another baby. We also felt it important to talk with Kimballs birthmother, because how she felt was important to us also. After receiving her blessing and then learning that Harmonys birthmother knew we were the right family, we were filled with joy knowing that we would be parents again. I remember Harmonys birthmother saying to us that she hoped to make this Christmas a very Merry Christmas! She definitely did that! We had the best Christmas of our lives!

We enjoyed our life and felt so blessed to be able to have two children and one of each which was really fun. We hoped to have more children in our home but for a few years felt we needed to focus on Kimball and Harmony and enjoy these precious gifts. When Harmony was two she started asking for a sister, one that was just like her to share her room so she wouldnt be afraid of the dark. We thought it was so sweet but knew that we would have to wait a little bit. Finally the kids were a little older and we knew it was time to adopt. Once again we were blessed by an amazing birth couple. We wrote emails and talked on the phone and because they lived close we were able to plan some trips and visit them and spend some time with them before Treygan was born. He couldnt have come at a more perfect time when our family needed him. What a blessing he has been and what light, laughter, and joy he has brought to our family.

Each of our birthparents are very different from one another and each relationship we have with them is individual and unique to just them. Our relationships are built on trust and friendship and we have a great love towards one another. We have both experienced loss. For us the loss has been from years of treatments, monthly and yearly disappointments only to realize that we will not be able to bring life to this world. Our birthmothers have struggled with the heart wrenching decision and grief of whether to parent or give their child what they cannot give at that time, knowing it will be the most difficult thing they will ever do to place their child in someone elses arms because of the love they have for them. The pain felt and experience is different but we both understand loss. On the other hand, we also both have a tremendous capacity to love! The incredible love our birthmothers have for their children is evident in everything that surrounds this heartfelt exchange. Three times we have been given a gift knowing that there is a tremendous amount of trust placed on us not only to love and care for these children, but to teach and help them know the eternal love that their birthmothers have for them and always will. We have been in a partnership of love with our birthparents. We together have embraced one of the most important exchanges of love that we personally have ever experienced on this earth. We felt it was important to share some of our personal feelings and experiences with our birthparents and about adoption so you will know better who we are and our feeling and commitment to both our children and our birthparents.
OUR OHANA We love our family! They are so wonderful to us and we can think of nothing we care more about or has more value to us then spending time with them and caring for them. We decided to name our home Tiki Beach. We wanted it to feel like a retreat from the worlds troubles and we wanted our home home to feel like the most special place on earth. We love to be together and we go on adventures as a family. Some of our favorite places are the beaches -- we love building sandcastles and have even entered competitions and have won a few times. We go berry picking, kite flying and in one adventure we even got to ride a hot air balloon. Sometimes our adventures are just at home building blanket forts in the living room, movie nights on friday with dads home made pizza, and creating an animal hospital with all our stuffed animals including our family pets. We love dressing up in costumes, and having tea parties or playing light sabers in the dark. We love picnics, bike riding, roller-skating and swimming. We love to sing and music is an important part of our lives. We play piano, guitar, banjo, violin, clarinet, trumpet and the ukelele. We work together as a family cleaning, planting our garden, and we try to include service in our lives by doing good deeds and helping others. Our kids love to make cookies and take them to people and surprise them. Our extended family is so important to us and we spend as much time with them as we can and plan special trips to celebrate with them.

MAKUA (Parents)
Troy is such an amazing father and husband. He is dedicated to his family and provides well for us but more importantly he spends all his free time with us. He is a very kind and gentle man and he would much rather invest his time with us than hang out with the guys. Troy is awesome at math and is wonderful at creating and building things. You should see the tiki huts, play structure for the kids, and the amazing crab clock he made me. Troy is our personal pizza man and BBQ griller. He was the best catch Bambi ever found.

Bambi is so happy to be a mother and wife and is so grateful that she can stay home and care for her family. She is the idea person and she figures out how to make our dreams and wishes come true. There is nothing more comforting to her then to hear the sounds of our family and to have them snuggle in her arms. Bambi plays the piano, banjo, violin and guitar and loves art. She loves animals and nature and is great at finding and appreciating the small and simple things in life.

As partners, there is no one else we would rather be with. We love each other and find joy in spending time together, and we are both on the same team as we work together. We care about teaching our children to do and become their best and finding there individual strengths and talents. Our life would not be complete without every member of our family.

KEIKI (children)
Kimball is such a sweet and loving boy. He is very curious about everything new and has to explore it hands on. He loves being active riding bikes, rollerblading, and I think he may be a champion Pogo stick jumper. Even though he is quickly growing out of our laps, he still loves to snuggle in our laps and rock. We will enjoy this as long as we can. He has always been careful. When he was little and learning to stand and sit he would practice over and over until he got it right. He loves Lightning McQueen, trains, nerf guns, archery and anything new he can discover. He is very inventive. He loves playing with his brother and sister and especially loves to play Star Wars. He is artistic and kind and often gives us the sweetest hugs and little love notes.

Harmony is full of energy and excitement for life. She is going all the time. She loves dancing ballet and jazz, doing gymnastics and singing. As an infant we knew singing would be one of her talents because she would sing in her sleep. She fills our home with music and love. She loves dressing up like princesses and probably changes her clothes at least 10 times a day. Mermaids have been one of her favorite things since she was two. She is very social and makes friends easily and has a way of helping others and her spirit has a way of lightening other people burdens. She is quite the little mother and has been a wonderful helper with her little brother along with all her dolls that she care for so tenderly. She is excited for a new sister to share a room with her. It would be her dream come true.

Treygan is full of sunshine and laughter. He has grown so quickly and seems so much older then he is. He is the comedian in the family and is always trying to make us laugh and understands humor when the older kids do not. He watches us carefully and copies everything we do. We have to be very careful to always watch what we do in front of him. He learns quickly and is always wanting to try new things. He has lots of teachers to teach him. He is a happy boy and loves to be tickled and loves to laugh. He fills our hearts with joy and gives the sweetest hugs and kisses.
ALL OUR LOVE - MAHALO Our family is not complete. Each member represents music that adds the melody and the harmony to our family. As each family member has joined us, new instruments are added to our family composition. With each new family member the fuller and more complete the symphony our home becomes. We are waiting for you and excited to add the finishing touches to our beautiful orchestration. We know there is so much more to share and hope to meet you soon. If you feel a connection with us we would love to visit with you. We know that the journey of adoption is never an easy one and there are many unknowns. We want to be open and have a healthy relationship so please know you can ask us anything. We have a very strong belief that the right people are brought together at the right time. We know it will be difficult and there will be sadness but we also hope that we can bring you joy. We are thinking about you and hope to hear from you soon! Thank you for taking the time to get to know us better!
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