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Christian & Lisa are hopeful adoptive parents from Nevada waiting to adopt a baby.

If you are pregnant and considering placing your child for adoption, please read the following Dear Birthmother Letter.

Our Hope Our names are Christian, Lisa and our two boys Logan, who is 11 and Dalin, who is 6. We are so grateful for the opportunity to write and tell you about our family, home and the hopes and dreams of adopting a precious girl to love. Christian and I think and pray for you often understanding the decisions you are making are difficult and filled with many emotions. We cherish and honor you for the loving choice you made to choose life for your baby . We admire your strength, and especially your courage and determination to find the perfect home for your baby and we hope that you find just what you are looking for! Whatever happens with your situation, we wish you the very best and hope that you are getting all the love and support that you need and deserve.

We understand that you are faced with a decision that will be one of the biggest and life changing, and we feel blessed to be a part of that. Please know that we are a family of love and support, and that your child will grow up in a family that believes adoption to be a blessing, a miracle, and a privilege. Your baby will be provided with a beautiful home filled with stability, security, unconditional love, kindness and much happiness. She will be with a family and large extended family that adores her. She will be provided with a good education, with structure and gospel foundation so that she and her brothers will be able to realize their fullest potential where nothing will be out of reach.

We are excited to adopt! To be honest, we never considered adoption until after the birth of our second son. Both boys entered into this world prematurely. Looking back it was a learning experience and one that brought us together closer as a couple. However, we know that our family is not yet complete and we know that there is a special, selfless, courageous, birth mother out there who will help us fulfill our hearts earnest desire. We want the opportunity to parent boys and a little girl. We know the dynamics are unique to each and we would love to experience and have both in our family. We love that our boy’s are first and our little daughter will have her older brothers to teach, love and protect her. We can’t wait to see Logan and Dalin become big brothers to their little sister. She is going to love her big brothers, I know we do!

Our hope is, that as you read our letter, you might consider Christian and I in your search for a loving family to raise and love your child. There will always be a special place in our hearts for you. We will always be proud to tell our child what a beautiful, selfless person her birth mother is and the sacrifice that she made.
Our Home We have lived in our home for almost 5 years. We were able to build it from the ground up and put in the finishing touches we wanted. We chose this home because of more space, especially outside for our boys to play. We have a large yard with a garden and patio where the boys ride their bikes and scooters. There is a play set with swings and slide and plenty of grass to run. The puppy dogs love it, too! Our home is close to the school where the boys attend, and the city recently finished building a huge park. During the winter months, wild horses come down from the foothills and graze. We pass them on our way out of the neighborhood.
Our Personalities Each person in our family has their own personality, and our new daughter/sister will add her own personality to our team.

Christian… (Written by Lisa)
Christian is an extremely wonderful husband and father. He encourages me to go after the goals or things I want to achieve. He is what some people call “a person whose glass is always half full, not half empty”. Since the day I met him he has had a positive outlook on whatever comes his way. When we were first dating, the glass was shot out of his car. His remark was, “I’m a little less then pleased” that was it! He loves spending time outside, especially with his boys. He enjoys camping, and jet skiing. Right now with Logan in Boy Scouts, Christian as one of his leaders gets to help him earn merit badges. It’s perfect for him because Christian is very goal oriented. The thing I love most about Christian is his ability to write poetry. That was how he won me over, although his good looks didn’t hurt either. He writes me a poem for any special occasion and even just because.
Christian is a partner in his law firm. He loves what he does. As a partner he is able to control his hours and time off. We love to have him home and spending time with us, but I admire his good work ethic and honesty.

Lisa… (Written by Christian)
Lisa is my soul mate who is a fantastic wife and mother who loves her family unconditionally. She is supportive but speaks her mind, so it is pretty easy to know how she feels about any topic. When we first started dating fifteen years ago I quickly realized how smart she is, as she can remember things like phone numbers that she doesn’t regularly dial as well as the birth dates of friends from grade school. Although Lisa could have a career outside of the home if she so chose, early on in our marriage she realized she would be happiest as a career stay at home Mom. Lisa is active with our local school Parent Teacher Organization, and it is not unusual for other Moms to seek her out for advice and support.
I have always been impressed by the loyalty Lisa has for her family and friends, and there is no doubt that Lisa loves our boys “to infinity and beyond” (as Buzz Light-year would say). Lisa, however, has always loved Barbie dolls, is thrilled when she can watch baby girls for other Moms at Church, and keeps telling me she will put bows in our boys’ hair if we don’t have a baby girl. Family makes her happy, and she prays every day that our family can grow with the addition of a special baby girl.

Logan is 11 years old, in the fifth grade, and is a joy to be with. He has a very tender heart, and is genuinely a kind person. He is well liked by his mass of friends, but he says his best friend is his grandpa. They have such a bond. He is very smart and creative. His imagination has always been a fun experience to witness. He enjoys being a boy scout , and has his sights on earning his Eagle Scout. He and Dalin are close, and when push comes to shove Logan is Dalin’s biggest fan. Logan loves anything Lego, Star Wars, space, airplane/flight. He has been playing tennis now for almost a year and really enjoys it. Logan loves being with his friends, but being around his family especially at parties is the best for him! Watching Logan as a person brings such joy to our hearts. He will definitely be another great big brother!

Dalin is 6 years old and in the first grade. He is our child with the most spunk! His stubborn side is the trait we admire most, only because he stands up for what he believes in. He makes us all laugh with his quick wit, things we call “Dalin-liners”. He loves to read, and all cars big or small. He recently upgraded to a larger size bike, and now we can’t get him inside. He is one who is never short on giving kisses. He is small for his age having been born 2 months premature, but his heart is huge! He prays every night for a baby sister and can’t wait to be a big brother. We often talk about the things he will do for her including making the supreme sacrifice of playing “princess tea party”. He is looking forward to starting to learn how to play golf in the spring. We are really looking forward to seeing Dalin as a big brother, she will be one lucky little girl!
Our Values Faith…We attend the LDS church, also known as the Mormons or the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We are very active and involved in our religion. Christian and I both hold callings within our ward and the boys are active in the Primary and Scouting. As part of our faith we are asked as families to hold Family Home Evening once a week. We do this every Monday night. We have a spiritual lesson with everyone participating with an assignment and usually a fun game or activity. We look forward to it every week. We also read our scriptures every morning before school and work. This helps us put into perspective those things that are important, such as family time. Our faith is the glue that will always hold us together during times of trial and times of celebration. We hold a deep faith that Heaven Father is in control, even when we feel we’re not. Our family motto…”come what may, and love it!”

Family…We believe that families are forever and the most important thing in this life and the life yet to come. Our times together are so special. Our extended family is large, and is very much a part of ours and especially Logan and Dalin’s lives. Our whole family tries to get together at least once a month for family dinners and birthday celebrations. We feel there is a family gathering all the time, and we love it! We feel it is important to have family relationships and we teach Logan and Dalin that it is important to support each other and that no matter what your family will always be there for you!

Marriage…From the beginning of our marriage we knew that one of the best gifts you can give your children is to have a healthy marriage. We are best friends and love spending time together, make each other laugh, and always communicate with each other. Christian and I are sealed in the LDS temple, which means our family will be a family forever. We recognize that our commitment to each other is also a commitment to Heaven Father and to our family. We each have our own unique interests and support each other in those areas. We have the same goal for our family which include, a love and respect for our Heavenly Father, each other and to be a positive influence in the lives of others. We try our best daily to be an example to Logan and Dalin through our actions.

Parenting…We believe in parenting through love and example. We express our love and support to Logan and Dalin every day and because of that they have confidence and security in our family. We knew from the beginning that when we started a family, Lisa was to stay home full time. We are very affectionate and give lots of hugs and kisses to the boys and in return they love to snuggle and often tell us they love us just randomly throughout the day. Logan and Dalin are taught how to have responsibilities, such as cleaning up after themselves and also by being part of a family we help each other. Saturday mornings we are busy with a few chores, vacuuming, dusting, emptying garbage and then we are free to play.

There are many other values we hold some include, service to others, honesty, hard work, self worth, character, and education to name a few. By loving our children unconditionally we know that they will have confidence, self worth and the ability to love others in the way they were loved.

We hope this letter gives you a glimpse of our lives and the life we would provide for your child, our daughter. Be sure to check out our ALBUM for lots of fun pictures of us! We would be happy to answer any questions you have about ourselves and our home. We are 100% ready for our baby to arrive!
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