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Greg & Dione are hopeful adoptive parents from Arizona waiting to adopt a baby.

If you are pregnant and considering placing your child for adoption, please read the following Dear Birthmother Letter.

Hello friend,

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. Our home would love to be filled with the laughter, tears and joy of more children. We are a family who enjoys playing together, traveling together and just plain being together.

We were blessed with a beautiful loving daughter early in our marriage. We always knew we would have more children. What we didnt know is that it would be a difficult journey. To make a long story short we have spent many years in doctor office waiting rooms, operation rooms and laboratories all to come to the realization that we are to partner with birth parents that are strong and loving.

Together we love to play co-ed volleyball and softball. As a family we love to camp, ride ATVs and play games. Our home is located in a beautiful outdoor arena. We can walk out our back door and be in the forest where hiking trails are everywhere. We enjoy backpacking, taking road trips and attending family reunions.

In 2007, when we adopted our beautiful Bethanie, we knew we loved her birthmother from the day we met her but we didnt know how much that love would continue to grow. We consider her a part of our family. Over the past few years we have emailed and snail mailed pictures and cards as well as enjoyed visits with her and her family. We are so grateful for the love Bethanie continually receives from her birth family.

We know birth parents are courageous people facing difficult decisions with faith and unconditional love for the child they are bringing into this world. Both birth parents and adoptive parents are responsible for a child, one bringing him or her into this earthly life and one helping them navigate through it. Together we can give a child a wonderful life. We wish you the best as you look for a family that fits you and the needs of your child.
Greg Greg is a computer nerd who works as an Information Technology Leader. His true passion is working with the actual computers but has found that his friendly nature and respect for others has led him to helping other employees succeed through his leadership role. When not at work he is found first playing with our sweet Bethanie. He also loves to work out, play racquetball, ride motorcycles or ATVs. He can also be found tinkering with things that may need fixing in his spare time.

Dione After working part-time in the Human Resources field Dione is enjoying her dream job as a stay at home mom. She loves spending her day with Bethanie and making our house a home. When she is not at home she can be found playing recreation league sports or driving a cute preschooler to all her fun activities. Dione loves to travel and dreams of visiting far off places. The library or a bookstore is one of Dione's favorite stops. She loves to read and is always looking for another great book.

Our Family & Home Bethanie joined our family through the miracle of adoption at the end of 2007. She is an energetic preschooler who tells us often how she will go to school when she is five. We havent broken the news that she has a few years to go. She can be found singing, dancing, coloring, painting, and going to gymnastics class.

Bailee is kind and loving. Everyone who meets Bailee loves her. She is athletic, smart and currently studying to be a nurse.

Thank you for visiting and getting to know us better.

May our paths cross someday

Greg and Dione

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