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Paul & Marisa are hopeful adoptive parents from Arizona waiting to adopt a baby.

If you are pregnant and considering placing your child for adoption, please read the following Dear Birthmother Letter.

Call Us at 1-888-460-4635 or Email Us at [email protected] Hello! Sometimes its easier to have an intimate chat with just girls . . . so lets have some girl time! No boys allowed. My name is Marisa and I met my husband, Paul, while at a casual gathering at my friends house. He came up to me and said, So whats your story? I thought to myself, Whats my story? What does that even mean? We ended up going on a double date, but my hair was a hot mess and looked like Donald Trumps hair on a windy day. I was so self-conscious during the whole date that I couldnt even look at him. But we ended up going on a second date, and Paul was so sweet and respectful (I had just gotten out of a bad relationship, so those things were REALLY important to me), and most importantly he made me laugh during the date.

We were married just over a year later and quickly began trying to fulfill our desire for a large family. As it became apparent that we were unable to conceive a child, we realized adoption was our destiny. We have been fortunate to enjoy an amazing adoption experience with our two daughters and son, Ashlyn (6), Ruby (5) and Logan (2).
A Big-Hearted and Active Dad (by Jill, Ruby's Birthmother)
I am sure most profiles talks about how amazing their Husbands are, so I am going to let Jill, Rubys birthmother, talk about Paul.

I know from my own childhood how important it is for a kid to have a good daddy. Paul reminds me of my own dad. Hes patient and kind and never too busy to give a hug or listen to a story. Its obvious that he genuinely loves being a father. Very often when I compliment Ruby on a new skill, she says, Daddy showed me how. Paul always treats Marisa with such love and respect and it means so much to me to have that modeled for Ruby so that as she grows up shell have high standards for the way boys and men treat her. Finally, Paul demonstrated superior judgment in marrying Marisa because she is awesome. Clearly, he is a smart man.

Thanks Jill. Okay, I have to brag about him a little . . . Paul is also a great provider, and I have been lucky enough to stay home with the kids. I am grateful that I have such a loving, caring, funny man as my husband, and I love raising a family with him.
A Fun and Caring Stay-at-Home Mom (by Paul)
We do have to let one boy into the conversation, my husband. Paul, you may now please talk about how amazing I am (it helps that I offered to make his favorite dinner). Take it away, Paul . . .

Before becoming a stay-at-home mom, Marisa earned a business management degree and worked in marketing and public relations. When Ashlyn was born, she happily shifted gears to being a stay-at-home mom. I love her dearly for her commitment, love and constant care of our children; she is such a dedicated mother!

Marisa enjoys being active and keeping in touch with good friends and family. Several mornings each week she wakes up early to go running. A great cook, Marisa is always interested in trying new recipes and is totally addicted to chocolate!

I feel lucky that Marisa is an avid reader and that she teaches our children an appreciation of books. She enjoys reading about everything from World War II to parenting books. We strongly believe in learning and education. However, we think learning should be fun too. I often come home from work to find Marisa laughing and reading funny stories to the girls on our bed. We are so happy to hear our girls sing silly songs theyve learned or catch them reading books out loud on their own.

Thanks, Paul. I better start cooking.
Three Adorable Adopted Kids
When I think of my three children, their three birth mothers come to my mind immediately. Without them, I would have never had the opportunity to be a mother.

Ashlyn and Ruby love their birth stories; however, Logan is too young to understand anything that doesnt involve food, bike rides or PowerWheels! I think telling Ashlyn and Ruby their stories makes them feel special, loved and chosen.

Our Loving Home
The most unique thing about our home is that we live on a former orange grove with 58 citrus trees! As you can imagine, we drink a lot of orange juice at our house.

About four years ago, we started researching the best school districts in the Phoenix area. Once we picked a school district that we loved, it took us two years to find our house! All the homes kept selling within a few days. Once we moved in, we realized why everyone loves this area. The School's teachers are wonderful, awesome neighbors and great kids for my children to play with.

When the neighborhood kids gather at our house, they spend most of the time in our backyard, jumping on our trampoline, swinging on our swing set, and climbing on our orange trees.

Openness and Adoption
Every time I have met one of our birth mothers for the first time, it felt like a very awkward first date. I was so worried about what they thought of me, if they liked me, etc. However, I realized that if I was myself, then everything would work out. I hope you find the family that is right for you; I believe that God will help you find the right family. If we are that family, then we would love to meet or talk with you. You can call us at 1-888-460-4635. If not, then we pray that you will find your loving family soon.


Marisa and Paul
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