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Chad & Ashley are hopeful adoptive parents from Arizona waiting to adopt a baby.

If you are pregnant and considering placing your child for adoption, please read the following Dear Birthmother Letter.

Our Story Dear Friend,

Thank you for taking some time to look at our profile. Hopefully it will help you get to know us better. We realize that this is likely a very difficult time for you. We admire your strength and courage and we hope that you are getting the support that you need.
We have been married for 9 years, and the time has just flown by. We met in college during a chemistry classironic huh? In fact our friends and family still tease us that we have good chemistry! We got paired up as lab partners and a great friendship started from there. Chemistry quickly became our favorite class and we enjoyed making little bets on who would do better on tests or assignments and the loser would owe the winner an ice cream or a soda. We wrote lots of notes in that class and most of them were not about the lecture, they were to and about each other! We started spending even more time together outside of class, with our friends at college sporting events, dances, and church. Before we knew it we were dating! During those great months we did lots of fun things including going to Suns basketball games and to Disneyland! It wasnt long before we decided that we couldnt live without each other, and Chad popped the question. It was a romantic windy night that accidentally included fire ants and Ashley said, yes! Since then we have experienced lots together. We are still very in love and still have great chemistry, haha!
When our beautiful daughter was born, we had the wonderful opportunity to adopt her. She has blessed our lives in every way. We love her birth mom and birth family, and still enjoy a great relationship with them. It is so important to us that our daughter know she is loved by so many, and that she knows how special she is. She has brought us so much joy and we love being her parents.
About Us About Chad, from Ashley:
I remember seeing Chad for the first time with a group of friends. He was talking to one of my friends and I thought he was really cute and funny. I felt really excited and lucky when I went to the first day of school and saw he was in my chemistry class, and even luckier when we got paired as lab partners not long after! Chad is my best friend, he is so good to me, he makes me feel special, and he can always make me laugh. Chad is also very smart; he speaks fluent Spanish and has his Masters Degree in Business Administration. Chad also works full time as a manager of a cell phone company. These past few years have been wonderful as I have watched him become a father. Our daughter loves him so much and looks up to him. We are so lucky and grateful for him and his hard work to provide for our family. Chad is also very active in our church, and loves to serve others. Chad is a kind and loving person, and a great father and husband.

About Ashley, from Chad:
I first met Ashley through friends, noticed right away she was hot stuff, and knew after just a short time being around her that I wanted to marry her. It wasnt long before I was trying to find ways to take her out, and it was the running joke with my roommates how long before I could kiss her. She stood firm and it took a few dates before I had won her over enough to steal a kiss. One of the things that I love about Ashley is how kind hearted she is. She is nice to everyone and will put others before herself even at her own expense. It has been great to see her love and kindness as a mother. Ashley is very smart and talented. She won the Nursing student of the year award during nursing school and always got good grades. When Ashley sets her mind to learn a new talent or try a new hobby, she does it whole heartedly. This carries over to work and church, and her coworkers always tell me how much they love her and how great a job she does. Ashleys sweetness and kindness help our relationship, and I love her more than anything. Shes a great wife and awesome mom!

I enjoy playing sports and being active. My favorite sports are volleyball, tennis, and swimming. I get to play volleyball once a week on a city league team. It is fun! I really enjoy reading, and love books with happy endings. I love Elvis Presley, and have since I was a little girl. I also love Star Trek and Star Wars (thanks to my dad) and because of that Chad and I have actually been to a few Star Trek conventions where we got to meet the stars of some of the movies. It was so cool, we are not nerds though, haha! I LOVE being a mommy; it has been the most wonderful experience of my life! I enjoy seeing my daughter learn new things each day. We love reading books, going to the park, singing songs, and playing games together. She is so smart, but growing up way to fast! I am currently working part time as a Nurse at a Surgical Center, and although my job is stressful at times, I really enjoy helping people.

Sports have always been my first true love (before I met Ashley of course). Baseball was my favorite as a kid, and I hit my first homerun when I was 4 and got rewarded with Dairy Queen! As I got older my love turned to basketball, and I still enjoy playing, although I cant jump as high or move as fast as I could in High School! I like the outdoors and enjoyed the scouting program growing up. I have fond memories of family camp outs and fishing trips, and have loved getting hooked on hunting since marrying Ashley. She thinks Im nuts sometimes because I enjoy it so much. No matter what, the best part is just being in the outdoors with family. I also enjoy music and like to sing and play the piano. I love spending time with Ashley and our daughter no matter what we are doing. I work as a manager and enjoy working with people, and seeing how finances impact business.

Loving Life Although we both enjoy work, we also like to play! We enjoy taking family vacations about twice a year. We love to go to Disneyland and to the beach, and since we have family that live close, we like to go often. This past trip to Disneyland was our favorite, because our daughter enjoyed it so much more this year now that she is getting older. We also enjoy the outdoors together and like to spend time camping, fishing, hunting, and hiking. We are active in our church and it is important to us, and a big part of our lives. Mostly though, we enjoy spending time with our families and since we both have large extended families, there is always something going on!
Excited About Adoption We have struggled with infertility throughout our entire marriage. This has been a trial for us, and although it has been heartbreaking at times, we are actually grateful for it. We cannot imagine life without our daughter, and it is because of the miracle of adoption that she is in our family. We have faith in our Heavenly Fathers plan and timing. Our experiences have taught us to trust in Him, as he knows what we need more that we know ourselves. We are so excited about the chance to adopt again, and cant wait to have another sweet child join our family.
This is our second time going through the adoption process. We currently have an open adoption with our daughters birth mom and her birth family and we love it. It has been a wonderful blessing in our lives and our daughters. We are very open to an open adoption. We would love to exchange letters, photos, and email, and even meet when time and situation allow. We know that each circumstance is different and we are open and willing to discuss this further.
We want to thank you again for taking time to read our profile. It means a lot to us. We hope you got to see who we are and maybe we even made you smile a little. We wish you the best of luck in all you do.

Best Wishes,

Chad and Ashley
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