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Merrill & Mary are hopeful adoptive parents from Arizona waiting to adopt a baby.

If you are pregnant and considering placing your child for adoption, please read the following Dear Birthmother Letter.

Dear Expectant Parents,

Do you ever have those moments where you wonder where time went? We are having one of those after we celebrated 10 years of marriage! In those 10 years we've had lots of adventures but by far the best one yet was the adoption our son, Max. But before we get into that we thought you might like to know what we like to do as a family. Some of our favorite things to do is to go on bike rides in the spring, swimming constantly in the summer, and drinking lots of hot chocolate in the winter. Popcorn is a staple in our house and we make a point to plan family outings. We are determined to have a successful garden (you know where the plants don't die all the time) and to become a camping family (or rather have a camper we take out and see fun places in). A normal day for us starts with Merrill making breakfast and then heading off to work while Max and I get going on our morning routines of cleaning up followed by lots of options from Max going to preschool, playing in the play room, running errands, play dates, or just working on family projects (ie cooking, crafts, or something educational). Max and I make dinner before Merrill gets home and depending on the night we either finish some errands or stay home and play legos, talk, or read books to name a few. I could go on and on here but you might be wondering more about us by now....
Merrill and Mary Hereís what you should know about Merrill: He graduated from ASU in Electrical Engineering and works for a large corporation in the valley. He was recently promoted to a level 4 engineer! Merrill is a manís man! When he was a Scout Leader he would go on camp outs once a month. He loves all that kind of boy stuff, cooking outdoors getting dirty, hiking, making knives and roughing it (we hope to pass the love for the outdoors to Max as we start taking him camping). Merrill enjoys what I call experimental cooking. If we donít have the ingredient he will find something else to replace it with or if he thinks something sounds good he will add it in the dish even if it doesnít call for it. Sometimes itís great sometimes itís not. Merrill can fix just about anything that is broken and sometimes he can even do it McGyver style. Max loves to help out any way he can when Daddy is fixing things and Merrill loves to show him how to use his little tool set he has. One of the many things that makes Merrill so great are his awesome listening skills which will help win the hearts of our children.
Here is a little bit about me: I have deep love of learning and enjoy seeking out anything that captures my attention and that is applicable to my life. I love to read book after book and I think I might be slightly addicted to buying books. I love taking classes whenever I can, two of my favorite have been photography and sewing. I was able to turn photography into a little side job and I have been photographing weddings for over 6 years now. I decided I want to focus more on being a wife and mother and have closed my own business and contract out to shoot weddings from time to time for a big wedding photographer in the valley. As a child I was very active in music (I played the flute, tenor and bari saxophone, and taught myself to play the piano). I have been athletic all my life and enjoy swimming when its warm and running when it's cold. I like keeping ďto doĒ lists around the house as I find it helps me get more accomplished and Iím constantly getting ideas of things we can do to improve life or to have more fun. I feel that being a wife and mother are the most important roles I have in life. I feel so grateful to my Father in Heaven for allowing me these privileges of being a wife and mother. Through the adoption process have come to trust Him more than I had before.
Max - Our Pride and Joy Max is now three and a half and we cannot seem to get over how adorable he is. Our birth mother made one beautiful boy and he definitely got some of her even temperament. He can be very calm for the most part but defiantly has a more rambunctious side that he shows at home. Max loves being outside and getting dirty. It's pretty common to see him walking around with his tools and trying to fix things or carrying around a box full of cars. Max is in the stage where he loves to help (for the most part) with the things we are doing and he just starting the "Why?" phase for everything. Max is loving and learning so much at preschool which he goes to twice a week. We are so excited for Max to be a big brother - he loves babies and always wants to help whenever we are watching little ones. He will be such an amazing big brother and example.
We want to thank you for taking some time to learn more about us and what we love. We want you to know that while we may not understand what you are going through right now we do know what it is like to feel heart ache. We felt it as we waited to adopt our first child and we feel it again as we wait for another. It gives us comfort to know that God has a plan for us all.

We also want you to know we love openness and we are open to letters, emails, phone calls, visits, etc. It's been almost 4 years since we met Nicole, Max's birth mother and we still do visits and talk on phone to this day. We just love Nicole and words can't even begin to describe what a special person she is to us and the place she has forever in our hearts. We want Max to know about his adoption and just how much he was loved by his birth family.

Thank you again for visiting us!


Merrill, Mary, and Maxwell
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