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Mike & Chrissy are hopeful adoptive parents from Ohio waiting to adopt a baby.

If you are pregnant and considering placing your child for adoption, please read the following Dear Birthmother Letter.

Our Hopes for Adoption Dear Birthparents,
Hi! Our names are Mike and Chrissy. We are 33 years old, have been married for 9 years, and adopted our son Evan two years ago. Were excited about growing our family through another adoption! Its impossible for us to completely understand the emotions youre experiencing right now, but we hope you can take some comfort in knowing that your sacrifice will provide an amazing gift to whichever family you select. Adoption is a beautiful, but difficult choice and we sincerely appreciate your courage. There is so much uncertainty in life, but you can be absolutely sure that we will encourage, protect, and love our children with all that we are.

We hope youll agree that we have so much to offer a child, and were excited about growing our family through another adoption!

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Our Love Story Our Beginnings

The story of our love begins with a slow dance at the senior prom and a commitment to make a long-distance relationship work through college (and across state lines). After five years of weekend visits, expensive phone bills and long emails, we were ready to settle back in to our hometown of Cincinnati and start our lives together. In December of 2004, as the snow fell hard from the sky, Chrissy accepted Mikes marriage proposal on Fountain Square in downtown Cincinnati. During the proposal, a homeless man came up and asked Mike for money right before he went down on one knee. Mike took it in stride and gave the guy $5 before finally popping the question that pretty much sealed the deal for Chrissy!

We were married on a beautiful October day the following year with lots of friends and family to help us celebrate. One of our funniest wedding moments was when we accidently blew out the unity candle (which signifies our joining as husband and wife). Everyone at the church was laughing, including us, so we just took a deep breath and re-lit the candleand it has been burning brightly ever since.

Chrissys Top 4 Favorite Things about Mike:
1. He can be silly and serious. He takes things one day or one week at a time. He helps me not to worry about things I cant control.
2. Whether its rolling around in the grass or changing a diaper, he is all-in. He is the best partner for raising a child and the most amazing dad.
3. Hes a good dancer and remembers the lyrics to every song!
4. He was my rock during an illness in 2006. Getting through that together gave us a new perspective on the lives we want to lead and what really matters.

Mikes Top 4 Favorite Things about Chrissy:
1. Shes a truly genuine person. Chrissy tells it like it is and can always be counted on to give it to you straight.
2. We can have fun doing anythingdancing around in the kitchen while cooking dinner, playing name that tune in the car on long road trips, or just playing Scrabble on a week night.
3. Im amazed every day at how smart Chrissy is. Unlike me, shes really good with directions and handling the family finances!
4. Chrissys dream has always been to be a mother and shes a natural. Shes always thinking of new, fun experiences for Evan and has the touch to make him feel better when hes upset.
Our Family Pride & Joy

Our adopted son (Evan) is the greatest joy in our lives. After patiently waiting for the right situation, and even working through a failed adoption, weve come to realize that each day we have with him was worth all the effort. He is a smart, energetic, determined, and affectionate little boy that loves to have our undivided attention at all times! Evan likes to swim, vroom-vroom with his cars and trains around the house, ride his training bike outside, and read lots of books. We lived as a married couple for so many years without a child, but its so hard to think about our lives without him nowwe couldnt love him any more and our bond grows each day!

From the very beginning, our relationship with Evans birthparents has been one that is based on love, trust, and a mutual respect. Weve been steadfast in the belief that Evan will always know who his birthmother and birthfather are, and that we would teach him how important this connection is. At the same time, his birthparents understand the space and privacy that we need to raise him in a healthy environment. We send pictures on a monthly basis so they can watch him grow and weve made several visits to their hometown so they can interact with him and introduce him to their families. Weve been amazed by how well this relationship has developed and we hope for a similar bond with the birthparents of our next adopted child.

Our Foundations of Love

We owe everything we have to parents who put our best interests in front of their own and gave us every possible advantage we could have in life. Whether it was working multiple jobs to pay for our private education or driving us around the city from gym to gym, there wasnt anything they didnt do for us. Mike definitely gets his engineering mind from his dad and his social skills from his mom; Chrissy gets her competitive nature from her dad and her thoughtfulness from her mom. Their unconditional love provides the perfect example of how we want to raise our children.

Mike has a special relationship with his younger brother and sister, who are twins. When they were little, they would spend hours outside riding bikes or roller-skating in the basement; today, they enjoy catching a Reds or Bengals game together. Chrissy is also very close to her younger sister, who is married with an 8-year old daughter and a 3-year old son. When they come over for dinner on Thursday nights, Chrissy always has a fun activity planned for our niece and nephew like baking cookies or making a craft.

We are so lucky for the loving extended family that surrounds us!

Our Home and Our Interests Our Home

We live in a quiet family neighborhood in a suburb of Cincinnati. Some of our fondest memories growing up were those summer days spent running around with the other kids on the street, and we look forward to watching our children do the same. Whether its decorating bikes for the annual 4th of July parade , weekend movie nights in the driveway, or just wiffle ball in the side yard, there always seems to be a reason for Evan to go outside and play. One of our favorite things to do is grab a pizza and head up to the community pool on a Friday night with our neighbors and their children.

Our Interests

We love to travel and have been fortunate to visit many great places all over the world but weve come to enjoy trips with Evan to the zoo, Newport Aquarium, and Kings Island even more! As a couple, we like trying new restaurants around the city and taking in a few concerts. We do our best to fit in a few trips each year to somewhere warm like Florida or Hilton Head, and to Chrissys family house on Lake Norris in Tennessee.

Both of us work hard to balance a career and family life, so were sure to make time for the hobbies that keep us energized. Mike is a civil engineer for a local design consultant, but also enjoys golf and playing basketball. Chrissy works as a chemical engineer less than full time, but really looks forward to her weekly Zumba classes and any chance she can get to scrapbook.

We enjoy sharing our love for music, sports, and travel with Evanand we look forward to the same with our next child!

We have been blessed in so many ways and were eager to welcome the biggest blessing of all in another child. Our unique experiences have made us even stronger as a couple and were ready to grow our family again. Faith has led us down this adoption journey once and we trust it will continue guiding us to be the best parents we can be.

Thank you for reading about us through this profile and we look forward to sharing more with you. We hope you see the dreams for your baby in us.

Mike, Chrissy, & Evan

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