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Richard & Debra are hopeful adoptive parents from Virginia waiting to adopt a baby.

If you are pregnant and considering placing your child for adoption, please read the following Dear Birthmother Letter.

Our Happy Home Cats chase through our house, calling "brmmmp!" to each other. The smell of Spanish rice or scalloped potatoes fills our home as Debbie prepares dinner. Rachel, our 9-year old, puts down a fairy toy or Pokemon book to set the table. Rick hangs up from his last work-related call of the day and cheerfully shouts, "Happy Weekend!" That's what Friday afternoons look like in our home. If you'd like to know more, please Send us a message

The weekends that follow often include play dates, soccer games, and church, but we also make sure we have long hours at home for board games, arts and crafts, cooking and writing stories together. (Rachel usually leads the story writing.) If you can imagine your baby growing up in this joyful environment, please read on.

Our hearts go out to you as you make this difficult, loving decision for your baby. We can't imagine what you are going through right now. We hope that the birth mother or birth parents who select us will be comforted by knowing how much their child will be wanted and loved by us.

Our own story is that we are blessed with a healthy 9-year old daughter and want to love and nurture a second child. Debbie went through an early menopause and is no longer able to conceive. Rick is grateful to have been placed for adoption as a baby, and is eager to pass on the love he received from his adoptive parents.

We have strong, stable marriage of 11 years. We bond with each other over long talks, scrabble games, good music, walks, water parks, and museums. The two of us often read out loud to each other.

What Rick Cherishes About Debbie
"Debbie has a strong sense of love and compassion for children, family, and me. If there is a lost or injured animal, it is Debbie who makes certain the animal is cared for. I love all of the time and effort that Debbie puts in to mothering our daughter. She is my lover and best friend who I can count on through thick and thin."

What Debbie Cherishes About Rick
"Rick has a wonderful sense of humor and even makes me laugh first thing in the morning when I'm still sleepy. He's a loyal, dependable friend, husband, and provider. Rick is deeply spiritual, and it shows in his loving behavior. He's smart and well-read, which keeps our conversations interesting. He's been beside me through joy and grief and everything in between."
Perspectives on Parenting Spirituality is central to how we parent. We depend on God to guide and strengthen us as we face each day, including the challenges of parenting. In turn, we believe in teaching our children that this Source is available to them any time they reach out.

Our strong belief in education also influences how we parent. Debbie reviews Rachel's homework every day and talks her through any difficulties. Rick gets involved in the bigger school projects. Since Rachel was a baby, the three of us have read together every day. In general, Rick tends to choose classics like "Little House on the Prairie" and "Robin Hood." Debbie enjoys reading the kinds of fantasy books Rachel selects, especially fairy stories. We all love Beverly Cleary and Judy Blume. We can't wait to add board books and picture books back into reading time when your baby joins us.
Education, Work, Religion & Giving Our own educations have served us well. Rick has a PhD in economics, and Debbie has a Bachelor's degree from Syracuse University. Rick is a hardworking professional and an Adjunct Professor. Debbie wrote and edited for the U.S. Government for 15 years, until after Rachel was born. Now she is primarily a stay-at-home Mom. She also provides childcare for a local church and volunteers in the healthy newborn nursery at our local hospital. Debbie has been published by Chicken Soup for the Soul Publishing. She will be available to care for the baby at home when the time comes.

Rick cares for the hungry around the world through child sponsorship and reputable charities. He serves on the Board of our church as "keeper of the flame." In addition to attending there, we belong to other spiritual fellowships and learn what we can from other religions. We believe there are many paths to the same God, and have attended Hindu Kirtans where we worship through song.

Rick grew up in a Jewish home, and we often attend Passover Seders with extended family on his side. We look forward to introducing the baby to members of our spiritual communities and passing on holiday traditions. Debbie has very fond memories of decorating for Christmas with her mother. She has shared this tradition with Rick and Rachel and looks forward to having our younger child join in the fun.

A Growing, Diverse Circle We are fortunate to have an international extended "family of choice." Rachel's Godmother, Trudi, shows up for all of the important events in Rachel's life--dance recitals, soccer games, and just hanging out. Last mother's day we made Trudi the guest of honor because she has been such a blessing in all our lives. We have no doubt she will continue to be active in our children's lives as our family grows.

In addition, for many years we have enjoyed weekly play dates and major holidays with a highly diverse group of families in our neighborhood. These wonderful friends come from places such as India, Iraq, Africa, Trinidad, Barbados and Korea. We are grateful that our family experiences so many different cultures in our social circle. We will also love to learn and teach your ethnic and cultural traditions.

Thank you for reading our letter. We have deep respect for the difficult, loving decision you are making for your baby and wish the best for you. We would love to hear from you.
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