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Dylan & Amber are hopeful adoptive parents from Texas waiting to adopt a baby.

If you are pregnant and considering placing your child for adoption, please read the following Dear Birthmother Letter.

Dear Birthmother, Hi! We are Dylan and Amber. Thank you for taking the time to consider us as potential adoptive parents for your child. We realize it takes a special person to have the courage to choose life, and adoption, and we really admire you for that. We believe the decision you are making shows how selfless and incredible you are! We hope you know that we support you during this time, and we pray for peace for you every day. We have had the desire to be parents for a long time now. We know it's not always going to be easy, but we will do our very best to be in unity and support one another every step of the way. We are committed to sharing about our child's birth family with him/her from the very beginning of his/her life. It is important to us to be honest and loving in that way. Our hearts have so much love to give. We would be so honored and grateful if you see us fit to love your child forever. Again, thank you for taking the time to look at our page! God bless you.
Our Story We were introduced to each other by Dylan's friends in 2005. Our relationship began as a really sweet friendship. Over a year we spent quite a bit of time together, talking every day, and considered each other to be our best friend. Dylan always treated Amber with respect and cherished her like God does. There was always an unspoken love between the two of us. Friends and family picked up on that and all guessed that we'd be married in no time! On July 3rd, 2006 Amber invited Dylan to her family's fourth of July party. It was just another ordinary day, so Dylan thought. On the evening of the fourth, Amber shared her heart with Dylan and we became a couple! Her family celebrated! About two weeks later we both expressed our love and knew that meant one thing: a wedding! Exactly a year later on July 4, 2007, at the same place, Dylan proposed to Amber with their families and friends watching through the windows! It was surreal! We married on October 4th, 2008 and have loved marriage every day since. We share our every thought, feeling, pain, and joy with one another. Our Christian faith and pure courtship really laid a solid foundation for us. We are committed and serious about our vows that we made before God, and will strive to be a great example for our children. Ever since we got married we have been very involved in specific church classes that teach and nurture our marriage. That decision has blessed us tremendously over the past five years!
About Amber by Dylan Amber gives meaning to the saying "my better half". She is loving, soft-hearted, and kind. She is full of joy every day and she is my best friend. Being able to share life with her has been an enormous blessing. She has a great sense of humor. Every moment we spend together is typically full of laughter. Amber loves to go outdoors, whether it's to take photos, walk Lucy, or just to enjoy a cup of coffee on a patio. She is also a foodie who will try almost any dish, but Mexican food is her favorite. Amber truly lives every second as if it were her last. It's been so neat to see the woman Amber has become over our years of marriage. Her faith influences everything she does, and is, including her strong love for children. She has been a Nanny for over ten years and because of that, her love for children is so natural. Amber's heart is so big and full of love that she can't wait to give your child. She will be an incredible mother.

Fun Facts: Amber is the grill master, she often volunteers to watch our friend's children so they can enjoy a date, and she loves a cup of coffee anytime of the day!
About Dylan by Amber I must start off describing Dylan as the funniest person I know! I love so many things about him, but the way he makes people, and myself, laugh is such a fun characteristic that he has. Aside from his humor, one of the other, and most important, qualities about Dylan is his love for God, and I am so thankful for his leadership in that way. In the eight years that I have known Dylan he has matured and grown, but he is still the same encouraging and selfless man that he's always been to me. Dylan works hard at his job as a Detention Service Officer. His work ethic is admirable, just like his Dad's. Through our marriage we have created the most incredible friendships. Most of them have children and I have been able to imagine Dylan as a Daddy when I see him interact with them. He is strong, disciplined, and confident. He looks forward to the days when he'll teach our child how to throw a baseball, swim, and simple things like riding a bike. Dylan is going to be an amazing Daddy.

Fun Facts: Dylan loves a great burger (meat and cheese only), he plays the guitar, and he enjoys a really good book!
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