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Rob & Amy are hopeful adoptive parents from Illinois waiting to adopt a baby.

If you are pregnant and considering placing your child for adoption, please read the following Dear Birthmother Letter.

Our Story Welcome to our lives! We are AMY and ROB and we are looking forward to the opportunity of adopting a child and welcoming him or her into our home and our hearts. Thanks for stopping by our page and getting to know us a little better!

We have been married for over five years and have enjoyed every minute of our relationship. We have known since our very first date that we wanted to have a family and we have spent a lot of time talking about what parenthood means to us. We are lucky enough to share custody of Rob’s two children, so we were able to start building a family life together immediately after we were married. We want, with all of our heats, to fill our home with more children so that we can raise them together and expand our family, enriching both our marriage and the lives of all of our children. Since Amy was diagnosed with fertility issues at a very young age and knew that becoming pregnant would be challenging, adoption has always been the path for us and we are excited about the prospect of meeting our adoptive child. We pray every day that he or she will "find" us soon. We love children and in addition to being a father and a step-mother, we are fortunate enough to be Godparents to two of our nephews and are Auntie and Uncle to 10 more nieces and nephews.
Our Education and Careers We both work in the software industry where we both pursue different, yet related careers. Rob is an Engineering and Product Manager, both very technical roles that allow him to use his background in physics and his passion for technology and gadgets. Amy is in software education, managing a team that builds educational content to teach people how to use business software to perform their jobs. Both of our careers are very flexible and provide with a lot of opportunity to create a strong work-life balance, something we know will be important as our family grows. As part of our education, both of us had the opportunity to travel and study abroad and we feel that experiencing different cultures and places when you are young gives you a lot of useful life skills and prepares you well for the future. Education is very important to both of us and we plan on being as involved as possible in our child’s education and giving him or her every opportunity and experience we can.
Our Hobbies and Passions We enjoy many things, but two of our favorites are being outside and traveling. We try to talk at least one long walk every week and most of our family vacations are spent camping and hiking somewhere with nice scenery (usually the Rocky mountains, although we also have travelled a lot in Europe). We also enjoy skiing, listening to music, going to the movies, hosting dinner parties, and playing euchre with family and friends. Amy likes to do yoga, read, and run; she has done two marathons and many half marathons. Rob likes to play his saxophone, cook and read history books. We are both trying to learn how to golf. We have a garden and a BBQ to help with outside enjoyment. We are excited to teach our children all of our interests and inspire them to find new activities and hobbies. Rob was a Boy Scout as a child and is currently a Troop Leader for his boys troop. He is eager to teach our children about the outdoors and how much fun it can be. Amy already has a huge collection of children’s books (in several languages!) and can’t wait to read them to our new little one. We both have very loving extended families full of fun aunts, uncles, young children and supportive grand-parents. We see both sides of the family frequently and everyone is excited and anxious to welcome a new baby to our lives.
We are also very active in our church and church community and we really enjoy the friends we have made there. Our passion for children has influenced our church life as well- Amy teaches Sunday School and Rob is a youth group leader.
Our Commitment We are grateful to you for taking the time to get to know us. We know your decision is an important and delicate one and we sincerely hope you find a family you “click” with and one that will treasure this child.

If you feel that we might be this family, please contact us any time!

In the mean time, please keep "clicking" through our profile to learn more about us!

If we are fortunate enough to be chosen as the adoptive parents of your child, we will honor and uphold your adoption plan and will raise him or her with all the love, dedication, patience, acceptance and energy we have.

We wish you peace and nothing but the best for the future.

Rob and Amy
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