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Samantha & Chris are hopeful adoptive parents from South Carolina waiting to adopt a baby.

If you are pregnant and considering placing your child for adoption, please read the following Dear Birthmother Letter.

Welcome Dear Birth Mother,

We can only begin to image the raw emotion you must feel looking through all of these images and wondering who we are. Let me assure you that we are constantly thinking of you and your well-being… daily. Being parents in the midst of our marriage has been our greatest experiences of life thus far. The only thing better would be to grow our family further, and we are seeking your selflessness and love to do that.

Our names are Samantha and Chris and we have a son named Zachary who is 2 years old. We have decided to pursue adoption after accepting that we have the inability to grow our family on our own (infertility). What we do know is that we can provide your child with an endless amount of love and affection. If you choose us, we look forward to getting to know you better and learning what dreams you have for your child. Zachary is in such awe of babies and would be a great big brother, helper, and best friend for life.
How we met & Who we are Chris and I met as freshman in college… we were 18 years old! We met through mutual friends and both fell head-over-heels for one another. We got married in 2009 and just celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary! We live in a 4 bedroom home in a cozy neighborhood. We have the best neighbors we could ever ask for who would go out of their way to lend a hand and drop in to say hello.

About Christopher, written by Samantha
Chris has the softest heart, which you wouldn't necessarily know if you were an acquaintance. He loves to coach and teach and I feel many people look up to him in his career and as a friend. Chris works in the restaurant industry and has a very stable and flexible job. He is able to make his own schedule to accommodate what is going on in our family life, as well as work from home occasionally. He is a confidant to many and thinks of others before himself. He is an amazing father and really loves to just sit back and watch our son to see the littlest things he does. He could do this for hours just in awe of seeing a child learn. Chris is very talented in sports (played soccer through a scholarship in college), and he is also very talented with with words. He will support your child 110% and offer a hand to hold and shoulder to lean on.

About Samantha, written by Chris
Samantha is very kind to anyone she meets and has a natural smile that gives off a glow. She is very good with children and being a mother comes natural to her. She is very talented at throwing things together to make a masterpiece, mainly in the kitchen. She can pick up things quickly (sports, sewing, etc). She is very patient and has an overall quiet demeanor, but is very witty at times and loves to laugh and joke around. Samantha is musically inclined and played the Oboe growing up (went to state). She also played softball and traveled with her teams. Samantha's degree is in nutrition and she worked in a career that she loved for 5 years. But overall, Samantha loves to be a stay at home mother and finds joy in the little things.

Family Time & The future We love spending family time together and going exploring in our city, as well as in our backyard. We love going out to eat, or cooking a big feast to enjoy at home. Samantha loves to cook and it's a gift she has been given. We both have very supportive (large) families who love to spend time together. Zachary is one of 12 cousins on Chris' side alone... we are hoping your child will be lucky #13 for his parents. Samantha's oldest sister has 4 children. Your child will have an abundance of love and support coming from our families at all times. When we have vacation time, we really enjoy the relaxation the mountains bring. We often rent a cabin (and may purchase one in time as an investment) with friends or as a family to enjoy nature. We are a very simplistic family and cherish our time together, and cannot wait to grow our family by adoption.

We do not use any sort of child care, other than the occasional babysitter for date nights. Chris' income has allowed us to provide anything we need for our home and children. We plan to put our children in private schooling, as we want them to have the best possible education as possible. Chris and I both desire to have a family of 6… 4 children. We feel that family is the most important aspect of life and would be blessed if you chose us to be parents to your child.
A Promise to You We promise to do everything we can to give your child a happy and fulfilling life of love and laughter. We are both willing to having communication with you and are open to deciding which will be best for your child. We look forward to sending photos and updates over the years while your child is growing up. We think very highly of you and this decision you are making for the best of your baby and would love to help. We feel we have so much to give and provide for our soon-to-be growing family. Chris is very fortunate with job security and has an amazing career in front of him. Please know with the sincerest of hearts that we will cherish your child as if he or she is our own biological child. Your baby will never go a day without hearing how much we love him/her or being showered with kisses and hugs. This we can promise to you. Send us a message

Thank you,
Chris, Samantha, and Zachary
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