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Frank & Lorraine are hopeful adoptive parents from New York waiting to adopt a baby.

If you are pregnant and considering placing your child for adoption, please read the following Dear Birthmother Letter.

Dear Expectant Mother: ​ Hi there, our names are Frank, Lorraine and Gracie. As you can see by some of the photos, we have been blessed once with the adoption of our daughter Gracie. Gracie is a three year old, amazing little girl. For the past 3 1/2 years, we have struggled and struggled to try to find the words (those unbelievably special words) to thank our current Birth Family for the gift they provided to Frank and I. Every time we call them, email them or send them a card, we sit and try to come up with words that in reality, just do not exist. There truly are NO words to express the unconditional love, appreciation or respect we have for Gracie's Birth Family. The reason we bring this up is because we can not even begin to express the respect we have for you for even considering an adoption plan for your child. In our opinion, this has got to be the most unselfish, loving and admirable decision that anyone can make. We thank you so much for looking at our web site and considering us to be part of this plan. We hope you will enjoy reading about us. We are SO excited to add to our family and know that Gracie will make an unbelievable big sister. We pray every night as a family for God's help and guidance in adding to our family. Frank and I already know how much we LOVE being parents and words can not explain how excited we are to add to our family.
We hope you consider us to be part of your plan and look forward to getting to know each other.

Our Home We live in a small town on Long Island, NY. We have a five bedroom home with a big fenced in back yard. We are about 20 minutes to the ocean which we spend a ton of time at. We have a 4 Wheel Drive permit for our vehicle which allows us to drive right up to the Ocean's Edge and "plop" ourselves for the day. We love spending the day at the beach swimming, building sand castles and ending the day with a nice BBQ on the beach. We also live about 45 minutes (without traffic :) ) to New York City. We enjoy going into the city to see Broadway shows, visit museums and visit Central Park. We also enjoy the less unknown parts of the city which offer outdoor restaurants and great little shops and festivals.
How We Met We were introduced by Lorraine's Brother, Rick. In the words of Rick, "you are my only friend I trust and consider to be a gentleman". We were married on a beautiful fall day and have been married for 15 years. Frank has a saying that he uses often and it is " IT'S YOU AND ME AGAINST THE WORLD".
Lorraine about Frank and Frank about Lorraine Lorraine about Frank:

Where do I start? His big strong arms that always have a way of making me feel so loved, protected and secure or his easy-going personality that compliments my high energy. His sense of humor that is constantly making me laugh until I have tears rolling down my checks or the fact that he just "gets me". He is a hard working responsible man who makes the best daddy. Frank not only met my expectations of the daddy I thought he would be but he has surpassed them.

Before we were blessed with the Adoption of our daughter, I saw what a wonderful father Frank was going to be when he interacted with our nieces and nephews. He had no problems letting my niece dress him up in SPARKLY make up (and I mean sparkly.......I was washing it out of his clothes for three days). When they joined softball, he was in their back yard teaching them how to pitch and throw the ball. I knew then that there was not a question in my mind that Frank was going to make a great father. Frank is not afraid to be a completely hands on dad. Everything from putting a pony tail holder in Gracie's hair, to sitting and having a tea party with her and even changed as many diapers as I did before our daughter was potty trained. He lets her brush his hair and put clips in. He will play hide and seek with her every night and even though she hides in the same place over and over again, he continues to pretend he has NO IDEA where she is.

I have seen a side of Frank come out since he has become a dad that I could have never dreamed of. I know that welcoming another child into our lives will grow his already huge heart even bigger. He is so excited to expand our family.

Frank is a plumber by trade. He has a very flexible schedule. Frank is able to work his schedule so he gets to spend a tremendous amount of time with our daughter and he is a huge part of raising Gracie and teaching her values and morals. I feel so blessed to have a husband that REALLY wants to be a part of raising his children. A big part!!! Frank is so incredibly excited to add to our family. He always had a close relationship with his sister growing up and wants that special love in our home.

Frank about Lorraine:
To sum this up in one word, Lorraine is my world. She is one of the "mushiest" people I have ever met. She loves to give and get hugs and she is incredibly supportive to everyone she loves. Lorraine's brother has three children that we are extremely close with.

Lorraine's 10 year old niece was diagnosed with Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes when she was quite young. This is the time in our lives when I first saw Lorraine's potential to be a wonderful mother. Lorraine was always petrified of needles (as I suppose a lot of people are). Her niece was going to have to get two Insulin injections a day in addition to having her blood checked regularly by finger pricks. Despite Lorraine's fear of needles, she immediately asked to be trained on how to administer the injections. She spent many hours practicing on bananas and potatoes. When that first shot was administered by Lorraine, I watched her incredibly brave face she put on for her niece despite the fear I knew she was feeling inside. After the shot comes lots of hugs and kisses to her niece and she tells her how proud she is of her.

About 3 years ago, my suspicion was correct. We adopted a beautiful little girl and Lorraine proved to me what a wonderful mother she actually was. She is not only the BEST mom to our little girl but she is her teacher, her friend, the one that makes all the "Boo Boo's" better, the one that knows exactly what to do and say when our daughter is having a "tough day" and the one that puts pretend make up on our daughter EVERY morning when she is getting ready. I watch the two of them together and I see that they will always have that strong Mother/Daughter bond. Lorraine is extremely close with her own mother so I know that she will have that same relationship with all of our children. I feel so blessed to have Lorraine as not only my wife but the wonderful mother of our family. To be corny and quote a movie, "Lorraine completes me".
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