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Paul & Tiffany are hopeful adoptive parents from Pennsylvania waiting to adopt a baby.

If you are pregnant and considering placing your child for adoption, please read the following Dear Birthmother Letter.

Dear Birthmother Our hearts go out to you with great respect and admiration for having the strength, love, and courage to choose the path of adoption. We can only imagine how difficult and emotionally draining such a decision can be for you. We hope among our words and photos you are able to find comfort and assurance in knowing that we will always provide unconditional love and security for your child to grow up healthy, strong and confident. Your child will always be loved. He or she will always know they were loved by you and that your only wish was that they be given an opportunity which otherwise could not be provided.

Our desire to adopt a child has been with us since the beginning of our relationship and our love for children and family means everything to us. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us and our beliefs. We are honored to have you place your trust in us to offer your child the best life they deserve.

Getting to Know Us What started with a "wink" on has led to a true love story. After a few emails, we met for our first date. Over six hours of conversation and a good night kiss that sent chills throughout; our hearts knew we finally found each other, our soul mate. We fell in love four years ago and were married in little over a year from when our relationship began. As time passes, we fall more deeply in love with each other as our respect, admiration, and bonds strengthen. We are best friends who love, laugh, listen, share, cheer, and believe in each other completely.

Our story is one of more than happenstance and chance. It is one of family, love, and faith. Along our journey, we discovered what seemed like random coincidences but for us reaffirmed our feelings that we were always meant to be together. Here are just a few examples: Paul was born in the same town where Tiffany grew up, Tiffany bought her home in the town where Paul’s grandparents were laid to rest, Tiffany’s mom moved to a street with the same name as Paul’s middle name, we met in a restaurant that formally had the same last name as Paul, and the biggest surprise to all of us was Paul’s grandfather built the house where Tiffany grew up! We feel truly blessed to have found one another and see how our lives were so interconnected with each other’s family, which is so very important to both of us.

Similar to our love story, we have faith that our adoption journey will bring us to the child we were always meant to raise and love unconditionally so they can thrive in happiness and make all their dreams come true.

Meet Tiffany, through Paul's eyes

Have you ever had the touch of someone travel through your body like a jolt of energy, a sense of comfort that says all will be okay? This is what it feels like to be around Tiffany. She touches everyone she meets with her kindness. She knows only love. Selflessness is her weakness. She's witty, energetic, and inspiring... there's no one like her.

She works with college students and recent graduates, helping them find a job in their field. Each potential internship is a personal challenge for her. She inherently understands people and what they need. Her ability to care for a child, I know, is a skill that will not go unrealized.

Tiffany is the oldest of four siblings, two brothers and a sister, who look to her as the glue of the family and central hub of communication. She knows the importance of family, and lets nothing get in the way of ensuring its bonds are kept true."

Growing up and through college, sports were her physical outlet- specifically soccer. She was an outstanding soccer player. At age sixteen, she had the opportunity to attend a training camp for the U.S. national soccer team, which ultimately led her to a full college scholarship where she still holds the most assists for any player in a season and also for any four-year period. While she no longer plays soccer, other than for fun, she exercises regularly. Keeping fit through running, yoga, interval training, and more recently Qigong.

As a hobby she is working on a screenplay and learning how to play the guitar and her favorite holiday is Groundhog’s Day!

Meet Paul, through Tiffany's eyes

I just knew. All the romance novels, movies, and sayings 'when you know you know' finally rang true. Looking back, I honestly fell in love with Paul the night we met. Our years spent together since has truly been the best time of my life.

Paul is simply wonderful in every way—the best husband, father, son, and brother, friend, boss, and neighbor to all. His smile and heart can fill a room, as he is so kind and generous to everyone. Paul has a brilliant mind that shines through while running his family business and with his computer programming expertise. In addition to his many accomplishments in business including three patents, Paul has his third degree black belt in Tang Soo Do. He can fix anything around the house and is a gourmet cook.

Yet, Paul's greatest pride in life is his daughter Evelyn. She is such a joy to be around and certainly following in Dad's successful footsteps. At sixteen, Evelyn is an honor student at the top of her class, second-degree black belt, rugby player, painter, taking pilot lessons, and an excellent piano player. She is loving, confident, kind, and has a great sense of humor (like her Dad). Evelyn is thrilled to be a big sister and will give your child so much love and
guidance too. I have the greatest respect on how Paul has raised Evelyn into the amazing young
woman she is today.
Our Home & Family Our time together as a family at home is always welcoming and very special to us. Whether it is chasing our yellow lab Henry around the house, splashing each other in our pool, playing instruments or holding dance contests in the living room (mainly between Tiffany and Evelyn); we like to have fun in our home! We cannot wait to share all our love and laughter every day with your child.

Most nights we have dinners by candlelight with soft music playing in the background so we can share stories from our day, or we will dine out and enjoy a great local restaurant in town. After dinner our activities vary from playing board games, chess, watching movies or favorite TV shows, or simply reading and relaxing by one of our fireplaces. We are so looking forward to playing a lullaby or reading books to your child before bedtime.

Our weekends are filled with family and friends. We love entertaining at our home by having friends at our pool and hot tub for a barbecue, birthday celebrations, dinner parties, and our annual Holiday Party, which has about a hundred people in attendance each year. Our family is also active and enjoys the outdoors, whether attending professional sporting events or concerts outside. We love walking Henry in the neighborhood, hiking or
biking at local parks, or skiing at the mountains which is only a
few hours away. Locally, we have a very strong school system for all ages as well as great parks, churches, and a library. There are many restaurants, shops, movie theaters and various family-focused community events we love visiting throughout the year!

Vacation Time

We are very fortunate to have a second home at the beach. Our family takes trips to our beach home all year round. Although!we absolutely love spending time on the beach or seeing fireworks, we also enjoy all of the other things that our beach town offers. We appreciate amazing restaurants, wineries, art galleries, shopping, biking, theater and there is a zoo that is wonderful for children to explore. Our home is a five-minute walk to the beach as well as a five-minute walk to the main part of town. Also, our home is right across the street from a beautiful duck pond and a playground where we would love to take your child to play!

Paul’s family also owns two cabins about three hours from our main home. The family cabins are on a hundred plus acres of beautiful land consisting of rolling hills, forests, and stunning stars at night. There are multiple trips all year and one just for kids with all the nieces and nephews to enjoy the outdoors together!

Beyond the beach and trips to the cabin, we enjoy traveling to see and experience different parts of the world. Our family will go on at least one to two trips a year and sometimes more with friends and our extended families. Some of our favorite places are Harbour Island in the Caribbean and Ireland in addition to many fun destinations in the U.S. Last year, we treated Evelyn and her friends to Harry Potter World in Florida, visited with Tiffany’s sister in Vancouver, headed to Puerto Rico for a long weekend and also enjoyed a Broadway show in New York City. We believe travel is a very educational experience for children. For school trips, Evelyn went to Greece last summer and will be
going to Spain this June. Tiffany’s family is planning a big Italy trip for her mother next year. We hope your child will join us in our future travel adventures as a family!

Our Family

Family is everything to us and we are so lucky that both our families get along so well and love spending time together. Our families have a lot of similarities since both our parents started their own business. Tiffany’s parents started, and still own, a successful restaurant that opened in 1975 and Paul’s dad started and still runs a successful manufacturing business that started in 1977. With this upbringing, we appreciate the value of hard work and family support to be successful in life.

Paul is the youngest of three brothers, who are both married with three kids of their own (Paul has four nieces and two nephews) and Tiffany has two younger brothers and a sister, who are married or planning to marry in the near future and one adorable niece. Our
parents are both amicably divorced with our dads remarried and our moms currently single. Since our marriage, we have started the tradition of holding most major holidays at our home and inviting everyone from both sides of our families. Luckily, the majority of our family lives within 15 to 30 minutes from our home. This means we have about thirty people at our home for Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas celebrations every year. We have so much fun at our family holiday gatherings—laughing, giving presents, telling stories, playing games, and the food is always delicious with Paul cooking.

We have a strong belief in the importance of the bonds of family and the memories of how these get-togethers help shape a child's upbringing!

Our Friends

We both consider our friends as extended members of our family. Paul and Tiffany alike have many friends locally, throughout the U.S., and even a few across the globe that mean the world to us. We are considered Aunt Tiffany and Uncle Paul to many of their children and try to get together with our friends as often as possible. Tiffany’s best friend growing up even purchased her childhood home to raise their family, and Paul’s college friend happily flew in from Japan to join us at our wedding. Our friends have always been there for us through the good along with tough times and are supporting our decision to adopt with open, loving arms!
Thank You From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your trust and spending time with us today. We hope you have a better understanding of who we are and what your child’s life may be with us. Please know we will honor your choices with our mutual love and respect. You are very courageous, strong, and we wish you the best always.


Paul, Tiffany, and Evelyn
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