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Color: Blue
Dessert: Ice Cream
Dream Vacation: Berlin
Food: Pasta
Game: Spider Solitaire
Movie: Pitch Perfect
Quote: "Your future is only as bright as your faith"
Restaurant: Kainoa's Hawaiian Grill
Sport to Watch: Bowling
TV Show: Modern Family
Type of Music: Rock
Vacation Spot: Spending a whole week in Vegas in a nice resort with my wife.


Animal or Pet: Although we do not have pets I am a dog person.
Book: Any book. I love to read!!
Color: Green
Day of Week: The Weekend!!
Dessert: Anything with sugar. I love sweets!!
Disney Movie: Any older Disney Movie. The Little Mermaid, Beauty and Beast, The Lion King. Etc.
Dream Job: Stay at home mommy
Food: Mexican
Form of Exercise: Running
Hobby: Singing, making cakes, exercise, spending time with family.
Quality About My Spouse: His ability to always make me smile. No matter the circumstance.
Sport to Watch: Basketball
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